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Q: What is Mini Firefighter?
A: Mini Firefighter is a revolutionary mini fire extinguisher capable of tacking all classes of fire. Mini Firefighter’s secret is in its foam. The Mini Firefighter foam produces a seal over the flames, which suffocates the fire and instantly starts to cool making it very effective in tackling small fires of any class.

Q: Where can I use Mini Firefighter?
A: Mini Firefighter can be used anywhere and on all types of small fire. Mini Firefighter is perfect for the home, car, office, caravan and for all types of hot works including plumbers and electricians. In fact Mini Firefighter can be used anywhere there is a risk of fire.
Q: Is Mini Firefighter easy to use?
A: Yes. Mini Firefighter is very easy to use. Simply shake the can, pop the lid off, aim at the fire and press the nozzle down to discharge the foam. It couldn’t be simpler!
Q: Is Mini Firefighter Toxic or harmful to the environment?
A: Mini Firefighter is non-toxic, fully biodegradable and kind to the environment. Mini Firefighter takes their environmental responsibility very seriously and would not sell a product that would be harmful in anyway.
Q: Can I re-use Mini Firefighter if I do not empty all of the contents?
A: Yes. Mini Firefighter can be used time and time again until its contents are totally exhausted. There is no need for any maintenance or re-gassing of the can in between uses unlike traditional fire extinguishers. We would recommend always having one full can of Mini Firefighter to hand.
Q: Will Mini Firefighter cause a mess?
A: Mini Firefighter has been designed to effectively and quickly extinguish all types of small fire. Once the fire is fully extinguished the Mini Firefighter foam slowly reduces in size and due to its non-toxic nature makes the clean up very easy indeed.
Q: Does Mini Firefighter meet current legislation?
A: Yes. Mini Firefighter meets current legislation (UK:EN 3-7:2014+A1). Mini Firefighter has gone through extensive trials and testing with the leading safety laboratory’s across Europe, please see the standards outlined further down the page. 
Q: What are the dimensions of the Mini Firefighter can?
A: The Mini Firefighter can is 22cm tall, has a diameter of 5cm, is 335g in weight and contains 250ml of powerful extinguishing foam making it the ideal compact fire extinguisher that can be carried and stored easily
Q: Does Mini Firefighter require servicing or annual maintenance?
A: Mini Firefighter does not require any servicing or annual maintenance unlike traditional fire extinguishers. Once purchased you don’t need to worry, Mini Firefighter will provide you with the firefighting needs to address a small fire when you need it!
Q: Where can I buy Mini Firefighter?
A: In the UK, Mini Firefighter is currently sold through our website, Amazon and Homebase. We are keen to investigate other routes to market in the UK so do get in touch if this is of interest. Outside of the UK we have a network of Distributors, wholesalers and agents, but again we are always keen to expand our partner community. 
Q: The Mini Firefighter can looks small, how powerful is it really?
A: Mini Firefighter expands up to 10 litres of powerful foam in around 20 seconds. Mini Firefighter is proven to be effective on all classes of fire. This is sufficient to put out most small fires. 


Q: How do I know that Mini Firefighter really works?
A: Mini Firefighter has been developed over the past 6 years. To ensure its effectiveness and fire fighting capabilities it has been independently tried and tested by leading safety laboratories across Europe. Mini Firefighter has passed all testing and is fully compliant with UK: EN 3-7:2014+A1. Furthermore Mini Firefighter is endorsed by major European insurers including Mapfre and SegurCaixa Adeslas. Also see our video section to see the Mini Firefighter in action!
Q: Should I avoid getting Mini Firefighter foam on my skin?
A: Mini Firefighter has been tested and confirmed to be non-toxic or irritant. It has passed dermatological testing and does not cause skin irritation. However we would advise that should Mini Firefighter get on skin then you should wash and dry the affected skin thoroughly.



  Achievement of Fire Rating 5F (cooking oil and fats) of EN 3-7:2004+A1:2008 standard – Tested by Afiti Licof

  Achievement of USA UL standard 711A for Class K fires – tested by Bureau Veritas. Draves Test also tested and passed by Bureau Veritas.

  Tested to UNE-EN 3-7:2008 “Portable fire extinguisher. Part 7: Characteristics, performance requirements and test methods”. Spanish official version of European Standard EN 3.7:2004+A1:2007 – proves it works on electrical fires up to 35,000 Volts – Tested by the Spanish Department of Industry, Energy and Tourism - Official Central Laboratory of Electro-technology.

Confirmation that Boldfoam (which is in each Mini FireFighter can) meets fires classed as A, B & F according to European standard UNE-EN-1568-4:2000 and UNE-EN 1568-1:2000, tested by Bureau Veritas

  Confirmation that Boldfoam/MFF is a non-skin irritant, tested by Labaqa 

  Confirmation of foams bio-degradability – tested by GWA Umweltanalytik

Confirmation that the can withstood pressure in line with the European Directives 75/324/EC & 94/1/EC – tested by Encases.