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 "Hello I'm Alex! As a Fire Officer I can say that the mini firefighter is a most innovative product. Using expanding foam to subdue and extinguish small fires in varying environments. Creating no fumes or powder and limited mess after use. Pocketsize and compact it can be easily stowed or carried. Offering reassurance in your home, car, caravan, kitchen or camping environment. Alex Daw, Serving Fire Officer 20+ years service.”
"Hi, Thanks for the mini extinguishers – they have arrived safely and I am very impressed with them. A brilliant size to carry around for portable barbeques and campervans. Best regards, Becki"
“This fire extinguisher is perfect as it takes up no room at all in my caravan and knowing that I have it there brings me a lot of peace of mind. It is really easy to use- just a simple shake and spray application and it will do all fires. It's as small as a deodorant can, making it ideal for kitchen, caravans and cars. Mrs Butcher, Amazon Customer”
“I love my new MFF. I keep it in the kitchen by my cooker and I love knowing that it's there 'just in case'. It's as small as a deodorant can so it doesn't take up any space at all. The can is high quality and has an easy push down top to it. Amazon Customer”
“As an electrician, when running a site it is a safety requirement to have some fire precaution in place. This can is ideal, it's small so I can keep it in my tool box and easy to use should I ever need to. I highly recommend this product. Amazon Customer”