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This is a single can of Mini Firefighter, fire extinguishing aerosol.

Mini Firefighter is a revolutionary new fire fighting product that is safe, easy to use and tested to EU and USA standards. This small lightweight aerosol contains extinguishing foam, which has been tested and approved for use on all of the following Fire Class’s:

  • Class A - Solid fire (Wood/Fabric/Cardboard/Plastic)

  • Class B - Hydrocarbons (Petrol / Diesel/Solvents)

  • Class F - Fat and Oil Fires

  • Electrical Fires (Tested to 35,000 volts)

The uniqueness of Mini Firefighter is the foam (BoldFoam F40) which on release expands to over 30 times its original size and produces up to 10 litres of foam in 15-20 seconds. Mini Firefighter is non-toxic, non-irritant and biodegradable which can be used with care in confined spaces. It is user friendly and is an aerosol that everyone can use as no training is required.

Due to Mini firefighters compact size it can be placed exactly where a fire is most likely to be, for example on the kitchen work top next to the hob. It has a high cooling capacity and forms a stable, heat resistant seal which suffocates the fire stopping re-ignition and turning fat and oil into a soapy mixture. Mini firefighter is also easy to clean up as the foam dissolves after use.

Mini Firefighter is an essential safety tool to have around the home, the car, in the caravan, near the BBQ, in the toolbox, on the boat or in fact anywhere there is a risk of a fire.

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